Case study
Software and hardware development


Offline casino
Customer country
Development timeline
January 2019 → June 2019 = 120 days
$60 000
12 experts
1 account manager
6 engineers
3 managers
2 artists


1. Make a copy of the Thai offline casino.
2. Engineer equipment for Provably Fair testing.
3. Prepare equipment for players - a game station.
4. Develop an administration panel to control the game.

About the product

Baccarat is a classic card game that is popular in Thai offline casinos. The game club is a room of ​​about 20 m2 with 8 gaming stations and an administrator's workplace.

Before the game begins, the player deposits cash to the account of the selected computer with the help of the administrator. After that, he can start playing. Withdrawals are also made through the administrator.

Each cycle of the Baccarat game is split into Stages that are 20 minutes each.
One Stage fits 20 games. The dealer deals the cards and the player bets on 1 of three possible outcomes: the player wins, the dealer wins, or a draw. Every correct guess brings back the bet amount and an additional per cent determined by the coefficient.

An important part of the game is the Provably Fair check mechanism. In a dedicated box there is a printer that prints out the game results before the start of every Stage. At any time, the player can stop the Stage and open the box to compare the results on paper with those on the screen. After the results are revealed, a new Stage begins.

The main prototype

Development roadmap

• defined the needs of players
• selected the technologies for project implementation
Game development
• purchased the components
• ordered 3D printing of elements
• made 2 versions.
• implemented game reset after game results are viewed
• developed software for Windows OS
• attached СPU’s to the back of the touchscreen monitors
• configured the admin computer to act as a server
• filmed a video featuring the dealers
Provably Fair implementation
Project discussion
• Enabled game statistics upload to CSV
• Enabled license renewal for franchisees
• Implemented deposit and withdrawal of funds from the player’s virtual account, and cash payouts.
Admin Panel Programming
Testing + polishing
• Made minor design changes
• Modified the touchscreen monitor stands
Integration in Thailand
2 experts went to Thailand to install and configure the equipment, and to train the staff.

Provably Fair v1

Compare the final Probably Fair with the earliest version

Dealer's video

Admin panel


Game process

Seals vs. stickers

Equipment demonstration


The project took a total of 120 days from concept to implementation in the client's country.
Over this time
• We created 2 versions of Provably Fair.
• V1.0 was a self-assembled plastic box with a lock. We put an inkjet printer filled with ultraviolet ink inside the box. This approach was declined due to its rather primitive look, lack of reliable protection of printed results, and difficulty in viewing them.
• For V2.0 we used a CPU with
‣ LED lights
‣ A power supply
‣ Magnetic locks
‣ A cash register printer
‣ A box for the results with a matt surface
‣ Raspberry Pi to control the equipment from the admin panel
• We filmed a video featuring girl dealers.
• Created the game server and the administration panel.
• We added software licensing for expanding the franchise.
• Created a client. We attached a small CPU to the back of the touchscreen and put this structure on a stand.
• We prepared the business for launch: we went to Thailand, installed the equipment, set it up, and trained the staff.

Product features

You can peep into the cards
All you need is to pull on the edge of the card and see what it is. After the cards are viewed, the time automatically expires.
Software licensing
The quick game mode is activated when the player doesn’t bet anything. The duration of the quick game is 20 seconds.
The business is ready for expansion by franchise.
Quick game
Provably Fair
It is the mechanism that proves the fairness of the game. The results of the game are generated before it starts and are stored in a place inaccessible to players.
The administrator controls the game: pauses the game, deposits and withdraws funds from the player's account upon request.
Admin panel


• We set the business up for expansion by the franchise.
• We developed Provably Fair. It took two versions to succeed.
• We studied the photos provided by the client and suggested improvements.
• Over 4 months, we developed a working business, an offline casino Baccarat, and set it up.
• We installed 8 game stations in the game club, including the admin computer and Provably Fair equipment.

Getting started

A working business





Google Analytics





Ruby on Rails


Account Manager
Eugene Lavrinenko
Project Manager
Prokopchuk Alexey
Gregory Tkach
Elena Lymar
Product Owners
Lead Engineers
Alex Makarov
Nikita Osipyuk
Alex Aleynik
Dmitrii Kravchenko
Maxim Mazur
Nikolay Melnik
Ekaterina Pukhir
Nadia Vasina

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