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Multiplayer Fishing Simulator
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July 2014 → December 2015 = 455 days
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FISHAO is a world-class MMO fishing game with thousands of players online.

The following options are available to users of the game:
• fishing
• taking part in tournaments
• communication with other players
• completing missions from the NPC
• creating a character looking like you

The world is divided into thematic locations, through which the player roams along with other characters. The essence of the game is to fish, discover inaccessible locations and equipment, break records while competing with other users.

What’s more, the players can:
• earn points
• improve their skills
• stock up on resources
• move to a higher level
• complete new missions

For every fish caught, the player gets in-game currency he can use to purchase new fishing tackle and bait.

The game features over 220 species of fish and 15 game locations from the real world. As the player moves up the levels, more locations and game mechanics are available to him.

Each player has an individual location - their own house, which they can manage to get additional experience.

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Start of development

Work on the game was initially started in 2013 by the companies iLogos and GamoVation. GamoVation approached us in 2014 with a request to continue development.

At that time, the project had been in the stage of development for 14 months, the main mechanics had already been developed, such as:
• fishing
• CMS for adding content
• character moving patterns
• admin panel for managing the translation
• admin panel for tracking marketing indicators

There were up to 1 000 000 players.



It took 455 days to finalize the game.

Over that time we re-worked 70% of the project.
• We added a clan system.
• Created a notification system.
• Introduced new achievements.
• Added over 50 new kinds of fish.
• Added daily events for each location.
• Added 7 new NPCs to be part of 5 quests.
• Introduced 3 locations with new game mechanics.
• Edited the existing tutorial and put together 2 more.
• Assisted in the translation of the game into Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.
• Changed the content of the game to make it acceptable for Asian countries.
• Added new inventory - fishing rods, baits, items of clothing, home furniture.
• Introduced 3 types of tournaments with prizes for earning in-game currency.
• We integrated the game into 10 social media platforms, including VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

Game mechanics

Fishing RPG
The user creates a playable character. As the player progresses through the game, the skills and the appearance of the character are upgraded.
Bright and juicy graphics with elaborate details.
The player uses the keyboard and mouse to control the character.
Fish. Over 220 species of fish from the real world.
Daily bonuses. The player gets bonuses for completing tasks.
In-game currency. Fishcoins are used to buy items and other goods in the game; fishbucks are used to buy items, energy, and other in-game goods.
Energy. The player spends 1 unit of energy every time he casts the line. When the energy indicators go down to less than 15, energy is restored by 1 unit in 2 minutes.
High load
The game’s indicators stayed up to the level below for over two years:
• DAU: 50 000
• Online: 5 000
To take part in the tournament, the user must be registered in the game and pay a set amount in fishcoins. If the number of players is insufficient, the tournament is postponed.
Magic clock. Reduces waiting time for biting.
Green radar. Determines the location of the fish.
Amplifier. Increases the power of the gear by 25% or 50%.
Good luck potion. Increases the chance for medium / rare fish.
Experience booster. Increases experience for each fish by 2 or 4 times.














Daimy Stroeve
Lead Engineer
Joppe Houpt
Gregory Tkach
Marketing Director
Anton Velichko
Eli Nesic
Technical Consultant
Jeffrey Drooghenbroodt

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