• Undestanding the basics of UI/UX.
  • Commercial experience in exactly the same position for 3+ years.
  • Knowledge of different levels of testing (smoke, pre-release, full regression testing).

Requirement kills:
  • Good sense of taste.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Good speech and manners.
  • Experience of web-testing.
  • Experience of manual testing.
  • Systematic approach to tasks.
  • Experience testing of Rest API.
  • Increased attention to details.
  • Base knowledge of HTTP, HTML, JavaScript.
  • Don’t shy if you have no knowledge in any area.
  • Understanding of the software development cycle.
  • Knowledge of the methodology and testing principles.
  • Ability to meet deadlines or report a problem on time.

Would be a plus:
  • Experience with API-testing.
  • Experience with Chrome DevTools.
  • Knowledge of bug tracking systems.
  • Knowledge of Excel / Google Sheets.
  • Experience of testing client-server applications.

  • Checking bug fixes.
  • Give feedback about UX.
  • Creating of the test-cases.
  • Creating of the bug reports.
  • Be part of a distributed team.
  • Testing of the cross-browser layout.
  • Ability to condruct Pixel Perfect testing.
  • All-time search and learn of best practices.
  • Support Product Managers and Quality Program Managers with customer interfaces as necessary on quality related issues.

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