JavaScript Full Stack Engineer

You are sizeable for the job if:
• You are attentive to details
• Have a true taste
• Understand the program development cycle
• Have the higher technical education
• Fulfill the tasks in a system approach
• Have 2+ projects in the portfolio
• Have 3+ years of work experience in the same position
• Well-motivated
• Have a developed UI + UX taste
• Have Upper Intermediate level in English
• Can project and interact with the REST API
• Understand clearly the JavaScript development patterns
• Be unashamed of lack of expertise in any field
• Can project architecture of web App and put it into practice
• Can follow deadlines or report about the problem in time

You will
• Project databases
• Develop Backend
• Use Jira
• Develop CRM for SMB
• Estimate future work
• Optimize speed of the job
• Project or develop API
• Be a part of a specialized team
• Learn new programs
• Optimize download of the pages
• Estimate the task during the planning of the sprint

We expect you to know
• Node.js
• Structures of data
• jQuery from 1 year
• JavaScript from 2 years

Also, you have a basic understanding of
• Backendless

Have a deep knowledge of
• JavaScript ES6+

As a plus
• Experience with React
• Experience with WordPress
• Knowledge of Excel / Google Sheets
• Work experience in Gambling
• Work experience in E-Commerce
• Work experience in Real Estate
• Participation in a start-up of several successful products

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