We developed this game in 12 weeks. During this time we:
• Slot references have been selected.
• Developed Game Design Document with a set of mechanics and features.
• Developed 2 moodboards for each mechanic. Moodboard examples.
• Each moodboard includes:
○ references for art
○ project structure
○ textual description of visuals and animations
○ forecast of the art part of the project
• Developed art in several stages:
○ black and white sketch
○ painting in color
○ polishing to the final state
• At the same time developed the background of the game scene and icons.
• Developed UI elements, pop-ups, logo and animations.
• Prepared and transferred art to developers.
• Programmed the game:
○ developed game mechanics
○ tested mechanics with a game designer
○ tested RTP on a sample of 100,000 games
○ integrated art and animation
○ prepared integrations for each provider